Multi-unit — Silverlake, Los Angeles —

On approximately 30,000 st of lot assemblage, our Silverlake project is our second collaboration with award-winning architecture firm RIOS. Like our first project Habitat 6, this was a collaborative design process to create an elevated residential community. Refined detailing, high quality natural materials, and custom craftsmanship are some of the hallmarks that set this building apart.

Situated in the Silverlake HIlls, this project features 16 unique residences with spectacular views of the city views and surrounding hills. Instead of approaching the design as a single building mass, the project’s organizational concept drew its inspiration from the cluster housing typology organized around a common “walk-street.” The design approach abandons the idea of a singular building composed of multiple stacked dwelling units. Our aim is to create a residential community with a minimalist aesthetic that connects the natural landscape with light filled spaces, making the outside an extension of the living spaces.


  • Location: Silverlake, Los Angeles CA
  • Type: Multi-unit Residential/Retail
  • Size: 33,132 square feet
  • Units: 16 Residences ranging from 480-1265 sq. ft.
  • Stories: 3 Stories + 1 level subterranean
  • Parking: 36 spaces

As part of our integrated development process, we design and build the interiors for our projects to maintain a cohesive aesthetic vision. Inspired by the simplicity of the exterior, we wanted to carry that texture through to the interiors to a sense of create calm and serentiy, reflecting the project’s minimalist design ethos. The overall material palette was kept light, consisting of white, beige, white oak and concrete.

Portions of the building footprint are carved out to create outdoor spaces that not only bring in abundant natural light but also allowed us the space to create vistas around which the interior spaces were organized. This design concept is central to the idea that maximizing the square footage of interior area is not always the better; our goal is seek to enhance to quality of the interior square footage.

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