Habitat 6

Small Lot Subdivision — Los Angeles —

We had one central design goal for this project. Create a multi-unit development in a small footprint that never compromised the essential principles of what it means to live in a single family home – the presence of abundant natural light, and easy access to open green space.

This meant moving away from traditional row-house footprints and reimagining the exterior space and flow to create a sense of balance and individuality for each unit. We understood that gross square footage is not as important as finding the correct equilibrium between exterior and interior space, the position of the structure in its environment, and its relationship with natural light throughout the day.

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HABITAT 6 represents the Scandinavian design philosophy characterized by functionality, simplicity, and clean lines. According to these design principles, one should be in harmony with his/her environment, and things should be lasting, not transitory. The interior spaces embody a strong relationship between design elements and nature. Natural materials like stone, European white oak, and cedar wood siding, are used to reinforce this organic connection. To complement the art of living well, the design philosophy promotes a simple home environment that enhances an unencumbered lifestyle.


  • Six unit townhouse project
  • Average 1900sq Ft, 3 Bed – 3.5 Bath
  • Private Backyard
  • Two car garage
  • Priced between $1.25mil & $1.45mil

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