Building Between the Lines

Buildings are built from plans. Everyone knows that. Before the first shovel hits the ground, sheets and sheets of plans are drawn up to inform the building process and detail how everything should be.

The truth is: that’s only partly true.

No matter how superbly detailed a set of plans might be, they never tell the whole story. There are always blind spots, specs and materials that miss the mark, areas that weren’t fully considered, or spaces that need more design refinement.

These are the areas between the lines, where the creative design process continues through construction, providing the opportunity to make better buildings.

Here are some of those moments from our recently completed project: The Line Lofts Hollywood.

Our #1 project manager sleeping on the job


Sometimes we walk a space during construction and realize there is so much more that can happen. Something about the way light reflects surfaces prompting us to reconsider the finish materials, or the proportion and scale inspires us to rethink the way that space should function.


The build outs


(You can see the whole story behind this walnut wall here.)

Sky Lounge

On site pendant placement design

The finished concierge console

Sourcing… Sourcing… Sourcing…


Brendan Ravenhill Studio

County LTD

Multitasking (always)

The installation of all the furniture & fixtures: Where it all comes together

artwork by Meike Legler

A Hollywood sunset after a long day on site.

Early Mornings

Sky Lounge shaping up


furnished unit details


photo courtesy of Justin Chung

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