Curated Coziness

In the opening pages of The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes, Tyler Brûlé invites us to think back to the places that have made us feel the most at ease, the most secure, and the most inspired. He believes the moments we recall would be the ones we can only describe as being cozy. “The environments where we feel that natural urge to linger and absorb the moment… It encompasses the elegantly warm, the untouched and original; the perfectly lit and the opposite of over-designed, over-thought and overdone.”

We couldn’t have said it better.

As developers, we believe in more than just building a project but in creating a total experience. In our recently completed 82-unit Hollywood development, The Line Lofts, we wanted to achieve this level of intimacy and warmth. To create this cohesive experience, we design and develop our interiors in-house, where we look to the smallest details to find a connection to the greater whole. Our interior design of The Line Lofts embraces that notion of coziness: carefully curating the small moments and details elevates a home into an inspired place that invites us to linger and absorb the moment.

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